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How I met The One

This morning I was going through some planners which are sold online, and I hence came across a blog titled: 'Kayla's Blogs'.  From reading her blog post: 'Are You The One? | How I met the One' I have been inspired to try my luck at my own lovely, sentimental version.

To start, I want to remind any of you who may not have read my 'Date Day - Moana Beach' blog post, please do - it includes one of Scott and my dates and a bit of a recount for a four year anniversary earlier in 2015.

Also - I've decided to start a Blog Series called 'The One' with different topics every post, I have this one and another lined up so keep an eye out for those!

How did we meet?

Scott and I - July 2011

Scott and I met in January 2011.  We were working together at McDonalds at the time, both of us being only fifteen years old.  I saw Scott first, and I thought he was a new employee.  I had worked at this McDonalds for two years by this time and had become a crew trainer.  Anyway, I thought he was a new employee so I did what any crew trainer would do.  I walked right up and introduced myself and our conversation went a little like this:

Me: "Hi, I'm Laura - I haven't seen you here before... Are you new?"
Scott: "Scott, and no I've worked here for seven months."

Seven months? I remember feeling so embarrassed.  I tried hard to be smooth, and just said "Oh, okay, nice to meet you anyway" and waddled away awkwardly.

This wasn't the thing that got us together, but it does make us laugh a lot nowadays.  What brought the two of us together was actually due to a late pick up from work on Scott's behalf, and a half an hour early finish for me.  So there was half an hour in which we were stuck together waiting to be picked up from work in the crew room.

I'm going to be entirely honest here, I've never been much of a flirt, but for some reason when I was talking to Scott... I was shocking!  He was a good looking guy, and I don't think he'd ever been hit on so bad!

After flirting shamelessly for 25 minutes, I actually did something I never ever thought I would do.
I asked for his phone number.  I asked in such a silly way though:

Me: "So do you have a phone?"
Scott: "Yes"
Me: "Oh good, well can I have your number?"

I know I was the classic guy off the youtube video: Can I have your number?!
And the worst part was Scott jokingly said no... afterwards he laughed but I tell you what, I nearly died of shame, especially after my vicious flirting attempt!  But it paid off, because after Scott laughed he gave me his number and two weeks later asked me on a date and then to be his girlfriend!

Ladies, don't let anyone ever tell you not to go after the one you want (unless he's taken - be moral please) but you're within your rights to hit on, flirt and shamelessly for that matter ask a man for his number.  He doesn't have to do all the work and being entirely honest (at least with what I've read on other blogs and things) men find confidence in women very attractive.  Go get em' tiger!

What's your love story? I would love to know!  And what is your opinion on the girl asking the boy rather than the traditional boy ask girl?  Let me know in the comments below!

Laura xo

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