About Me

What makes me... Me?

   I have a 'glass is half full' feeling towards most things.  There is always a way to see the positives, it may take time and effort but they are there and worth seeking.
   I adore neat hand writing, strong cups of milky tea with two sugars, changing my space, beauty products, creativity and strangely the weather.  I think storms are spectacular!

What/Who Inspires Me?
   I gather most of my inspiration from Pinterest and other people's blogs.  I love how some people can word their sentences so perfectly that their writing is as though you've started reading an incredible book.
   Strength is another inspiration -  On occasion when I'm feeling as though the 'glass is half empty' I try to remember that other people are doing it tougher than me... If they can pull through and still smile and be positive and display that for the world to see, so can I!

What makes me Laugh/Cry?
   Laugh: My favourite moments where I've really laughed, have been with my younger sister.  We would both say something silly and find it so funny we would wind up with tears falling down our faces.  One of my favourite ways to laugh is by watching comedy shows and comedians such as Carl Barron and Kevin Hart, Carl Barron being my favourite of the two.  
                  I also love the inbetweeners!  Such a stupidly funny movie/show.
   Cry:  Honestly, stress.  I can get quite worked up in stressful situations and my thoughts can turn grey.  When I do cry, which isn't often, it's either over something silly, which I needn't have worried about, or something serious.  There is no inbetween...

Describing my Surroundings:
   My usual surroundings include the following
  •                   A slightly untidy bedroom - obviously looks lived in
  •                   A half drunk cup of cold tea
  •                   A Harry Potter Novel
  •                   A lit, scented candle
  •                   A warm blanket
  •                   My mobile phone
  •                   My MacBook Pro
  •                   A Flower Arrangement - Real or Fake

How would my Friends Describe Me?
   I think my friends would describe me as:
                  Motivated - I aim for the best results
                  Honest - I'm the sort of friend who will tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth 
                  A work mate described me as Splendiferous, I'm flattered, what an awesome word!  They also said this word - Pulchritudinous... omg what a mouthful, but apparently it means breathtaking!  Everyone should try using that word haha!

Why I started my Blog:
   Basically I was inspired by other bloggers, I would look things up and be pleasantly surprised - I love reading other people's opinions on different things!
   I also have a YouTube Channel - xoLaashi, and wanted to be able to express my thoughts in print and not just through my voice!

What do I hope my reader's will leave with after visiting my Blog?
   I really hope people leave my blog with a smile.  I hope they are inspired to create their own masterpieces and to create their own happiness!  I want other's to be filled with a can-do attitude and not give up, no matter their situations.  I hope I can encourage both young and old to know their worth and value!  And I hope this doesn't sound fake... I hope that you guys leave my blog, having saved it in your bookmarks because you can't wait for an update.
I hope you leave honestly seeing the personality I'm building for myself on my blog and want to see more from me!

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