Monday, 5 January 2015

My Top 3 Mac Lipsticks ♥

I really want to share with you my top three favourite Mac Lipsticks (at least at the moment - who can blame me though? They're amazing!)

These are the three I want to show you:

(From Left to Right - Creme de Nude, Russian Red and Pervette)


Creme de Nude is my current favourite nude lipstick.  It has a great formula which stays on for a decent amount of time I've found, and goes wonderfully with a nude lipgloss on top!

I think it's one of the prettiest nudes ever!!


I also have been reaching a lot recently for my Russian Red Lipstick!!  I was inspired by Zoella last season to purchase this one, and I absolutely love/adore it!  I think it's the perfect red for any eye/hair colour!  She mentioned, if you had blue eyes it would work really well due to the colour's blue undertones, and I'd have to agree (especially since a mac makeup artist told me the same thing)

Even though Russian Red looks sensational on those with blue eyes (if you have blue eyes try this colour!!) it also suits all the others - I have green eyes and love this shade on myself! (Especially with the Russian Red Lipglass over the top)

Russian Red is so glamorous! ♥ (FAVE OF 2014)


Last but not least I want to talk about my not as used Lipstick compared to the previous two (but still very much loved) Pervette - I giggled a bunch when I read it's name haha!

But if you look at this photo - WOWZA! What a snazzy, gorgeous shade this is!  It looks slightly more pink toned in the photo, but in real life it has a shimmery purple tone to it.

Pervette, I have found, is the perfect "Casual/Formal" lipstick.  When you put it on it's still slightly nude, however it has the shimmer purple tint which just makes it all the more loveable!!

What are your top three Mac Lipsticks?  Or top three lipsticks in general?

Have a great week!

Laura xo

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