Sunday, 9 October 2016

Dream Catchers are not real!

Okay, so everyone and anyone who knows me personally would know that I have slept with a dream catcher above my bed since my first was given to me on my twelfth birthday!  I had a faith in my dream catcher like none I can explain.  Believing it warded away demons, negative thoughts, and especially bad dreams, of which I have had my fair share.

My bad dreams are so vivid and real that I wake up needing to cry, call the person I dreamt about or just lay there thinking of all the horrible things that happened to me.  Today I decided I needed a nap, and I was peaceful as I lay on my bed, cuddled amongst the blankets, at least until I fell asleep.  I had a horrible dream, from which I felt on awakening, that my soul was crushed and my heart was broken into a thousand pieces.  I messaged the person I love most, I looked up a prayer to reduce them and it feels as though you will fade away if these things are not done.

Once these things were completed I felt better, but still quite shaken.  God gave me a realisation during my prayer.  Dream Catchers are not real, at least they look nice, but they're not doing their job, at least not my current one.  Dream Catchers may work for some people, but for me they've become an object which can do more harm than good if a bad dream does manage to leak through.  I need to put my faith in mightier hands.

I choose instead to let God guard my dreams.  May He fill them with all of the things He intends for me.  May He use them so I can know Him more.  I don't want to be downcast and shaken the moment I awaken from a nightmare.  So I can't put my trust and faith in an inanimate object which doesn't work for me.  God knows.  God sees.  And God will watch over you if you ask Him to! <3  Below I'll link the prayer that got me through my latest mind attack, I pray it will bring you peace.

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Thank you very much for reading my post, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.  God Bless and Goodnight! <3

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