Saturday, 27 February 2016

Book Review: Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto

Halo Series- Heaven (#3)

Author: Alexandra Adornetto
Genre:  Romance
Published:  Fiewel and Friends 2011
Pages: 417
Rating: 3/5
Read: February 2016


The final book in the Halo Series, I found to be my least favourite.  Yes it ended with cliche as most romance genre novels do, obviously we know as readers how the story will end.  I felt that even though it was a wonderful book, the plot lines didn't quite meet up for me in the end to the trilogy.


Xavier suddenly being a half angel... there were no signs, I don't know if it was planned from the beginning to end the way it did but it frustrated me a lot.  Why did Xavier's awesomeness suddenly depend on whether or not he had a supernatural power.  What I loved about his character was that even though he was human and flawed, it didn't matter.  Xavier's character had guts and he strived through the whole series to protect the ones he loved, and after learning and loving him - finding out he was an angel kind of made me feel like the only special people were those with powers.  He could suddenly move the elements but never before had there been any hints.  If anyone can point out some hints in the first two novels I would appreciate that heaps.

I also felt that the final book didn't need to include a college scene... not only was this scene the most boring for me personally but it was unnecessary.  I think they should have stayed with Gabriel and Ivy and protected each other, but not in the middle of a school setting - I don't think the series needed this, but that's just my own opinion.

There were, like Hades, many holes and gaps left unexplained.  Something I personally and I'm sure other high raters of this book would love, is the use of an Epilogue at the end of the novel... I was left wanting to know more about Beth and Xavier's lives together.  Did they manage to have children?  Was Beth pregnant while she was in Heaven?  Did Molly find a man?  Did Gabriel change?  Unfortunately the last novel of the series left a hole in my bookaholic heart which could only be filled by Adornetto filling in the gaps somehow...

Overall I was slightly satisfied with the ending of the series, and left wanting to know more which is not a good thing for a reader to feel.  Hence, I am awarding the final instalment to the Halo Series a three out of five.  The final novel seemed rushed and somewhat unstructured.  There were many things which did not make sense, and were not needed to be included.  

I would read the series again, but only after a couple of years where I may forget some of the series.  I enjoy reading new books because they give my mind a new experience.  I think Adornetto did a really good job with her writing, however the plot especially in the final novel needed to be refined.  Beth's character should be 100% stronger than she started out with and she should have learnt a lesson.  I didn't get that impression from this novel, but I would still read it again for a pleasant read.

My favourite line:
"That is when you need faith the most," Gabriel said.  "Not when everything is going your way, not when you have much to be thankful for, but when there is darkness all around.  He is always there, He is always watching, and one way or another, He will set you on the right path." (Ch. 18)

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